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Dragon Age: Origins, A Summary
Duncan: Fucking Blight
Warden: Fucking darkspawn
Loghain: Fucking Wardens
Morrigan: Fucking homicidal mother
Sten: Fucking humans
Zevran: Fucking Crows
Shale: Fucking pigeons
Leliana: Fucking Marjolaine
Oghren: Fucking women
Alistair: I don't know what's going on.
Wynne: Come listen to me lecture you about your life choices
Everyone: No


the first person to make it out of the inquisition character creator and actually start playing the game is stronger than the rest of us and should be respected as such

the battle of ostagar


Ok but can we all agree that Aveline Vallen doesn’t get nearly enough love from the DA fandom?

Tumblr mobile woes

So I queued a load of posts last night and tumblr decided to post them all immediately, without the tags. Marvellous. At least they were innocuous and not spoilery

Apologies all.