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The cat in this set is very similar to my cat when I was growing up.


"skyrim on PC is a completely different experience than consoles. the immsersive mods  will change skyrim from not just a game but to an incredible experience that everyone needs to see for themsel-"



this is a review for bioshock


this is a review for bioshock






I’m getting tired of the Hannibal posts. I get that he’s a cannibal. I get that he’s turned an FBI agent to his side. I get that Will aggressively loves dogs. I used to want to watch a few episodes, but…

Does it help to understand that it is basically a Vampire Show? It’s the most gothic show I can think of in terms if it’s sensibility, and the entire narrative is about this extraordinarily urbane, civilised, intelligent compassionate-seeming dude WHO IS SECRETLY A VAMPIRE (okay no pointy teeth or immortality, but all the other narrative tropes? Bing bing bing).

And he’s a vampire who is falling in obsessive vampire love (not really sexual - I mean, I have no problem with people going for that simpler reading, but sex isn’t what motivates Hannibal) with the dude who’s supposed to track him down. This dude who, uniquely, is able to really understand vampires & other monsters, using what are essentially spooky psychic powers. He goes from being intrigued by this dude to urgently wanting to make him into a vampire too - WOOING him, essentially, by manipulating him into saving a child who may or may not have been infected with vampirism by the vampire who nearly killed her.

I mean, no worries if that kind of narrative isn’t your beautiful cake - but that’s what’s going on with Hannibal. It isn’t REALLY a real world procedural sort of show; it isn’t even a real world serial killer show like Dexter. It’s a vampire show passing itself off as a show about people.

Ok now I actually want to see this show.


Only Lovers Left Alive (2013) Dir. Jim Jarmusch

"The good stuff."

Dammit they moved the Inquisition release date back nearly 2 *months*


Custom New Rock boots!!
9.5 cm platforms.
Flaming skull buckles.

I feel like I could crush the world in these candy-coloured beasts.

These are amazing


This article is heartbreaking. And true.

There is a reason I throttled back on doing a lot of creative gaming content a few years ago. And why I still avoid taking some jobs in the gaming world when they’re offered to me. And why, when we have a female host on any of our Geek and Sundry gaming shows, we have to monitor the comments on YouTube extra, to remove the many comments that are offensive and pollute our community’s spirit of equality. Because I hate that shit. 

There is an endemic acceptance in the gamer world that “well, it comes with the territory” when a woman receives threats and harassment and the hateful anonymous internet dialogue is focused on her body and whether they would “do” her or not. I don’t know why this became okay. It’s a vocal minority that has been given way too much power over the industry dialogue, and I am so happy to see more and more articles like this shining the light on what reasonable gamer men and women have been conned into accepting as a given.

NOTHING is a given in this world. And frankly, it taints the art form we so love and keeps it back from becoming more respected and more diverse to not at least TRY to fight it. Gaming deserves more than complacency in this area.

Even posting this link will cause me to receive hateful Tumblr PMs. I can always tell when something I write gets linked on certain places on the internet (like 4 Chan or a few other forums of troll-hood), because I’ll immediately get dozens of hate mails along the veins of what is posted in this article. 

Well, I’m a lucky one to be prominent enough to have 10 supporters for every hater. I mostly feel sorry for girls and women who aren’t in my position, who may just give up on gaming when they’re too beaten down to fight anymore.

We have to change that. For the good of what we love doing, gamers! Okay, back to work :)